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Welcome to our website – your online Zanzibar Guide. On this website you will find everything you might want to know about travelling, visiting and living on this beautiful island. Zanzibar is one of a kind and we would like you to fall in love with this island as much as we have. We truly believe this is the best island you can visit, whether for short holidays or longer vacations and we would like to prove it with all this information available in this one place.

Best Places to Sleep on Zanzibar

Zanzibar climate is warm enough to sleep under the stars. On the other hand the island can offer many great places to sleep to welcome pretty much everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling with a family of four, you are the CEO of a big company on a business trip or a nomadic traveller. We are pretty sure you will find many options available for every occasion.

Best Places to Eat on Zanzibar

We haven’t been in every country around the world, but if you love food as much as we do, I can assure you will not be disappointed. Food on Zanzibar is simply amazing. There is a wide selection of restaurants and small spots with delicious street food on every corner. Zanzibari cuisine reflects influences from culinary traditions of Arab, Portugese, Indian and even Chinese cuisine. You will be delighted.

Things to do on Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of a kind island also because everyone will find something for themselves. Looking for some peacefulness to rest? Got it! Want to release some steam and get carried away by night life? We got your back. Besides, there are tonnes of activities you can do, for example: windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, hiring water scooter, trekking or just chillin and sippin some refreshments at the beach.

Shopping While Visiting Zanzibar

Neither of a trip would be complete without shopping. And I mean many kinds of this activity. You cannot leave the island without buying some souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family. That’s pretty much clear, but on Zanzibar you can also buy many things for yourself. Things that will remind you of this beautiful trip and things you can wear on a daily basis to impress other people. Do not miss out.

Real Estates and Business

Due to its location, Zanzibar has always been considered an important place on the trade map. Although, the times have changed from the business perspective it’s still very important spot in this area. Not to mention it’s an incredible place to live and run your business. In this section you can learn everything you need to know if you would like to settle down, start a business and buy a real estate where you can make your dreams come true.

Travelling to Zanzibar

The name of the island seems so exotic and so remote that many people assume it’s very difficult to get to Zanzibar. In fact, it’s very simple from many places in the world. Under this section you will find the necessary information about travelling to the island, how to plan your stay and what is the car rental offer available on the island. We’re here to help and in case you have a question just shoot us an email. We will be more than happy to answer any question 🙂

Special Moments on Zanzibar

Only by looking at the pictures of Zanzibar you can clearly say that this is an amazing place to celebrate any special moment of your life. It can be your wedding, your honeymoon, anniversary or even birthday parties. You can make those special memories even more beautiful surrounded by palm trees, cloudless sky and paradise view.

Zanzibar Island by Numbers

Zanzibar is a heaven on earth and can be your getaway to paradise. Even if only for a short break, you will get everything you need: great food, awesome people, sun, sand and turquoise water.

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